Designed for Humans

    What constitutes good ergonomics? In very simple terms it is the design and engineering of consumer products based on you, the ‘physical you’ and all of your physical variations. These variations are quantified in anthropometric data based on the study of humans, which is also known as Anthropometry. When applied to a design...the result is ergonomic benefits.

    Over time, those who study the human form have collected enough data to help model and understand the physical range of men, women and children. Engineers and designers, in turn, have used that data to do a better job in designing consumer products focused on satisfying the physical needs of the vast majority of humans. This data includes average heights, weights, arm reach, visual sight lines, finger lengths and so on which is then used to create such things as clothing, furniture, computers, phones and buildings.

    When done correctly, sound anthropometric design directly results in great ergonomics!  Simple examples are the shirt that fits just right, the new chair that is comfortable beyond belief, or the telephone handset that is light and easy to hold.

    Think of it this way. What if car designers located the steering wheel out of reach, too close or on a bad angle? Or maybe the gas and brake pedals and stereo are located in the wrong place.  These features may only be ‘off’ by a degree or an inch from where they ideally should be. Before the revolution of anthropometric data car designers did have most features located improperly. The results were predictable - ergonomically wrong features - and as expected, resulted in a very uncomfortable, aggravating, stressful driving experience.

    Listening to their customers, car designers began using anthropometric data paired with human modeling techniques and engineering methods to optimize the design of cars and improve the driving experience.

    Unfortunately anthropometric data and the use of it in properly designing ergonomic fitness machines has not been embraced by fitness equipment manufacturers.  At least not until now!  

    At ERGO Fitness Machines® we have studied, analyzed and applied the latest in "human" derived data to each and every ERGO machine and its feature elements…for example: monitor screen sizes, dashboard angles and distances, control button locations, tactile and visual simplicity, rounded edges, armrest heights, cup holder positioning, impact absorbing dampers, multi-ply belts, high torque whisper quiet motors and on and on. Even a keen emphasis on reducing machine generated sound during your workout experience has been addressed. All elements work together to reduce or eliminate injuries and discomfort while delivering comfort that helps to extend even your most rigorous of workouts.

    ERGO Fitness Machines® - Designed for Humans!

    The ERGO WayBuild It, Test It, Pack It, and Ship It - Every Machine, Every Time

    Did you know that every ERGO Fitness Machine is completely assembled and tested before it’s shipped to you? That’s right, piece-by-piece, top-to-bottom, end-to-end; it’s fully assembled as if it were standing proudly in your home. And guess what? Before packing for shipping, while still fully assembled, each machine is quality tested for form, fit & function (that’s engineering jargon for “Is this working right, like we designed it?”). Mechanicals, electronics, vibration and noise tests are just a few of the quality checks performed in each and every Quality Control inspection audit. 

    That’s right, there's no settling for a “statistically significant sample size” for quality assurance. You know what we mean; the standard..."let’s check 1 out of every 100 units and if it passes they ALL pass”.  You deserve the best quality program that strives to produce zero defects and greater customer satisfaction. The only way to ensure that kind of result is to test every unit, and that's exactly how each and every machine is finally approved for packing and shipping.

    Technology and Design

    European Design and Engineering – Take a look at the ERGO treadmills and you’ll immediately know something is different. Beginning with an advanced user interface consisting of a modular dashboard and main console, then incorporating ergonomic design improvements secured from the European club market, ERGO delivers a unique ergonomic treadmill that's truly designed for humans (anthropometric science and correct ergonomics), and fitting perfectly in your home, office or other workout location.

    Deck Frame (“Built like a Tank”) –  Each deck frame weighs over one third more than most home-use treadmill decks, directly attributable to its club level design heritage. The extra weight and precision weld-fixtures (the apparatus used to correctly locate and hold parts in place during the weld process) combined with the highest quality raw materials and a stringent Quality Assurance program has resulted in a new industry standard for reliability and durability. Added to the deck is an automotive-like, powder-coat paint application that creates an impenetrable surface finish. This is a matter of design, a matter of procedure and a matter of fact…this  is the only acceptable way ERGO will produce its welded parts and assemblies.

    Drive Motors – Torque…and Speed…and Horsepower (Oh My!) – Okay, many of you consider a treadmill’s horsepower the most important thing of all in your purchase decision. Not so!  While it is something to consider, remember that horsepower is only one characteristic determining overall performance results of a given machine. What's important is that the motors are properly selected relative to machine specifications (horsepower, torque, RPM, and peak efficiency data curves from testing), the synergy with various components (drive belts, flywheels, rollers, belts, bearings, electronics) and performance goals selected for each machine (user weight capacity, speed, responsiveness, durability, reliability).  However, ERGO is the only manufacturer optimizing its powerplant (motor) with the machines designed for your peak performance. Thus, by viewing the entire machine holistically you won’t overpay for horsepower you may not need or get performance results you hadn't expected.

    Fold-N-Go – Whenever you need more room in your home or office or simply want to move your RUNSERIES treadmill to another location, feel comfortable using the exclusive Fold-N-Go System. Designed with reliability, safety and convenience in mind, the Fold-N-Go system will immediately exceed your expectations.  In addition to its mobility the folding mechanism provides access to easily clean any accumulated dust and debris from beneath the deck - a great product feature that will help you in maintaining your treadmill's daily performance.

    Buttons and Controls – A thoughtful layout of user controlled standard buttons and quick change buttons (speed and incline) give you complete control over your treadmill and exercise routine. Multiple positions of eye-catching colorful buttons throughout the dashboard, console and armrests give you the freedom to locate them quickly and change your routine easily, safely and confidently.

    FlexTec Comfort Deck – Eight (8) precision engineered "landing" and "push-off" dampers with variable softness (durometer), support the 1” reversible, phenolic, reduced-friction running deck.  This design breakthrough has resulted in a new industry standard for low-impact, ergonomic treadmills. The tubular steel frame and Flextec Comfort Deck system provides you with a workout that reduces impact shock and repetitive stress injuries. In addition, the 1” deck is twice the thickness of most treadmills, so when combined with multi-ply, woven running belts available on all the RUNSERIES models, you cannot find a more comfortable, durable and reliable ergonomic treadmill anywhere.

    LCD Screens, Light-Blue Backlit – RUNSERIES machines include proprietary designed LCD screens that deliver you a soft, light-blue glow behind dot matrix segments (the information that you want to see) making it easy on your eyes and easy to read.  Depending on your RUNSERIES model, you may have a beautifully augmented 7.5” screen or an even larger, 9” screen to provide you a clear and concise view of your exercise data.

    Tablet Shelf and Media Support – We know that most of home-users own a wide range of media devices including tablets and smartphones. For that reason, the RUNSERIES includes a unique tablet shelf - a place holder for your devices. You can charge your device or simply enjoy your favorite media during your workout. Also included is a personal storage area (an alternate location for your device) with a USB port for charging and data download, plus an MP3 audio port (with two-way tether cable) for listening to your music through two (2) large, 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch, high quality speakers found in every dashboard. Everything in its place - that's ergonomics!

    Grip Pulse Handrails – You will also benefit from correctly located heart rate handrails (small grips with built in sensors) that read your pulse and display your heart rate on the LCD screen. All RUNSERIES models are equipped with heart rate telemetry so you can use the ERGO wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate, as well. If you have your own heart rate transmitter please make sure it is compatable with your ERGO Fitness Machine. 

    Personal Cooling Fan – Located where it should be on the dashboard, centered, right below the tablet shelf and providing a steady flow of air to help cool you during your most challenging workout. 

    Hydration Pods (Fluid Bottle Storage) – RUNSERIES machines include hydration pods properly located within your reach. These can easily be removed and cleaned - an industry exclusive!  That’s just another area where design impacts your overall health benefits. Good housekeeping and germ control are important in the course of workouts that often generate airborne particles, sweat trails, drink spills, energy-bar crumbs and who knows what else. With minimal effort your hydration pod inserts (plastic receiver) will pop right out allowing you to clean them easily and thoroughly.     

    The Right Treadmill for You

    At ERGO Fitness Machines® we’ve designed cardio fitness equipment that inspires you to turn on your music (or movie or other media) and start working out. Every machine is elegant, easy to use and club-level quality. Although which machine is right for you is ultimately your decision, when choosing a RUNSERIES model treadmill please consider your current weight, workout routine and workout frequency, your typical exercise stride length (walker, shuffler or big length runner), your physical attributes and the features of the treadmill that are most important to you.

    By example: If you have a short stride length and really just plan to walk or occassionally jog or run, then likely the RUNSERIES1 is for you. If you have a long stride length (perhaps you are medium size or tall, or simply have long legs) and plan to spend more time power walking, jogging and running than walking, then the RUNSERIES2 may be a better fit for you. If your long range goals are for extended workouts or those involving higher running speeds, then the RUNSERIES3 may be best for you.  

    Below is a summarized comparison of the models for you to use as a guideline in your decision.

    RUNSERIES1 - The Walker, Occasional Jogger or Smaller Runner (with all due respect!)

    • Running Surface Size is 20”x55” (7.5 Square Feet)
    • 7.5“ large LCD Monitor with light-blue backlight for easy viewing
    • Whisper Quiet 2.5 Continuous Horsepower (5.0 Peak HP) Drive Motor (adequate power and torque for most users)
    • Running Belt is diamond pattern, woven 2-Ply and 1.6mm thick 
    • Maximum User Weight is 300lbs

    RUNSERIES2 - Designed for the Power Walker, Jogger and Recreational Runner

    • Running Surface Size 20”x60” (8.5 Square Feet)
    • 7.5“ Large LCD Monitor with light-blue backlight for easy viewing
    • Whisper Quiet 3.0 Continuous Horsepower Drive Motor (6.0 Peak HP and 20% more power, 55% more torque than RS1)
    • Running Belt is diamond pattern, woven 4-Ply and 1.6mm thick
    • Maximum User Weight is 350lbs

    RUNSERIES3 - Designed for Extended Power Walking, Jogging, Running and Serious Training

    • Running Surface 20”x60” (8.5 Square Feet)
    • 9.0“ Extra Large LCD Monitor with light-blue backlight for easy viewing
    • Whisper Quiet 3.5 Continuous Horsepower (7.0 Peak HP) Drive Motor and 40% more power, 90% more torque than RS1)
    • Running Belt is Enhanced Earth Pattern, woven 4-Ply and is 2.2mm thick
    • Maximum User Weight is 400 lbs


    The ERGO Fitness Machines® holistic design assures you trouble free operation with a minimum of required maintenance.  You'll enjoy precision engineered welded frames, sturdy thick running decks, incline and drive motors that are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the machine. The electronic system is warranted for a full SIX (6) years. Parts, installation and labor for all repairs is warranted for THREE (3) years. In all cases you will receive the needed parts under our warranty. You pay only shipping, handling and installation costs (after 3 years) if needed, with additional warranty detail found in your Owners Manual. This is the finest warranty package in the entire fitness industry!

    The "We Want You Happy Guarantee"

    We are confident that you will absolutely love your new ERGO Fitness Machine. However, if you have discovered a material or workmanship defect in your machine and are not completely happy within 60 days of your order, just call us. We will consider all return requests on an individual basis. Your return shipping and handling costs will be deducted from the original purchase price of your item. Your refund will be issued when ERGO receives the item in same as-new condition (any damage will be deducted from your refund). Return shipping and handling will vary based on location and distance from warehouse.  ERGO Fitness Machines® reserves the right to make repairs or adjustments to the machines within the 60-day guarantee period to fully remedy the situation.

    So...Before You Buy: Like any other investment decision, your purchase deserves thoughtful consideration. Please spend time on our website; read about our design and engineering; review our features and benefits. Compare our comprehensive VIP in-home delivery and set-up service. If you still have questions please call us toll free, at 855-200-ERG0 (3746). You'll enjoy speaking with knowledgeable, friendly customer service reps, who will gladly answer your questions and help you select the best ERGO Fitness Machine to meet your needs.


    Treadmill Dimensions       
    Height 59" 59" 59"

    Footprint (please add safe zone)

    Step-up Height

    Handrail Height from Deck

    35" x 75" x 59" (Width x Length x Height)

    7" Step-up


    35" x 80" x 59" (Width x Length x Height)

    7" Step-up


    35" x 80" x 59" (Width x Length x Height)

    7" Step-up


    User Weight Capacity (lbs.) 300 350 400
    Running Surface Size 20" X 55" (7.5 Square Feet) 20" X 60" (8.5 Square Feet) 20" X 60" (8.5 Square Feet)
    Product Weight (lbs.) 250 260 265
    Speed Range 0.5 - 11.75 mph 0.5 - 12.75 mph 0.5 - 13.75 mph
    Incline Range Motorized, 0 - 15% (Max 8.6°) Motorized, 0 - 15% (Max 8.6°) Motorized, 0 - 15% (Max 8.6°)
    Drive Motor 2.5 CHP (5.0 Peak HP), DC, Heavy Flywheel 3.0 CHP (6.0 Peak HP), DC, Heavy Flywheel 3.5 CHP (7.0 Peak HP), DC, Heavy Flywheel
    Running Belt Diamond Pattern, Woven 2-ply,1.6mm Diamond Pattern, Woven 4-ply, 1.6mm Earth Pattern, Woven 4-ply, 2.2mm
    Variable Durometer Dampers Eight (8),Front Landing/Rear Push-Off Eight (8), Front Landing/Rear Push-Off Eight (8), Front Landing/Rear Push-Off
    Running Deck 1", Phenolic, Reduced Friction 1", Phenolic, Reduced Friction 1", Phenolic, Reduced Friction
    Belt Rollers Tapered, Sealed Bearings, 2.5" Tapered, Sealed Bearings, 2.5" Tapered, Sealed Bearings, 2.5"
    Key Features      
    Dashboard Display 7.5" LCD, LED Segments, Light Blue Backlit  7.5" LCD, LED Segments, Light Blue Backlit  9.0" LCD, LED Segments, Light Blue Backlit 
    Transport / Storage Fold n Go, Easy Lift/Release, Cylinder Assist Fold n Go, Easy Lift/Release, Cylinder Assist Fold n Go, Easy Lift/Release, Cylinder Assist
    Heart Rate Monitoring Grip Pulse Handrails & Chest Strap Compatible Grip Pulse Handrails & Chest Strap Compatible Grip Pulse Handrails & Chest Strap Compatible
    Chest Strap NOT INCLUDED (purchase separately)  INCLUDED  INCLUDED
    Standard Programs 6 (Manual, Climb, Slim, Build, Train, Aerobic) 6 (Manual, Climb, Slim, Build, Train, Aerobic) 6 (Manual, Climb, Slim, Build, Train, Aerobic)
    Custom Programs 2 (User1/User2) 2 (User1/User2) 2 (User1/User2)
    Heart Programs 2 (HRC1-60%/HRC2-80%) 2 (HRC1-60%/HRC2-80%) 2 (HRC1-60%/HRC2-80%)
    Personal Cooling Fan High Performance, Center Located High Performance, Center Located High Performance, Center Located
    Dashboard Audio System 2 Speaker (w/Two-Way Tether Cord/MP3) 2 Speaker (w/Two-Way Tether Cord/MP3) 2 Speaker (w/Two-Way Tether Cord/MP3)
    Hydration Pods (Fluid Storage) 2 (w/Removable Inserts) 2 (w/Removable Inserts) 2 (w/Removable Inserts)
    Data Download & Device Charger USB Port (Console) USB Port (Console) USB Port (Console)
    Frame Weldment Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
    Drive Motor Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
    Incline Motor Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
    Deck Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
    Electronics 6 Years 6 Years 6 Years  or  3 Years (Light Commercial)
    Labor 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years  or 1 Year (Light Commercial)